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this is my minml blog

2016-01-03 1515
Oh how I love the power of GNU Emacs and the terminal :-)

2016-01-03 1505
New year, new possibilities, new opportunities, and so on, and so on.

2015-08-05 1338
Summer is soon over, back to the ordinary will resume in three, two, one........

2015-06-04 2050
What ever happens tomorrow, the exam is going to get done

2015-05-23 2224
New hobbie: I'm not gonna talk to any one anymore, I'm gonna social media to people.

2015-05-21 2143
Could someone please tell me how to find my own way?

2015-05-11 1328
GNU Emacs is one of my favorite computer things #heartGNUEmacs

2015-03-24 1409
Do your backups now, before it is to late!

2015-03-22 1207
Wow, learned the hard way that backups is really nice to have after you overwrite your minmlblog by mistake :sadface:

2015-03-22 1158
Out of context taken, this is

2015-03-09 1010
Shellaccount are way cool :-D

2015-03-02 1410
Next step is to put the contents of minmlblog into a minml database?

2015-02-21 0752
Sleep have been gotten, feeling much better

2015-02-19 0056
Can't get no sleep

2015-02-16 2307
The learning curve on ed seems to be quite a challange. Onwards I say!

2015-02-14 2238
I have started using ed as an alternative editor. It is important to learn different skills you know

2015-01-01 0347
Hppy Nw Yrs to all!

2014-12-29 1005
It's beginning to look a lot like "hppy nw yrs"

2014-12-26 1948
No time like the present!

2014-12-20 1556
Textexpander does make it fun and easy to use an ios device

2014-12-20 1553
Not many days until 24. of Desember

2014-12-19 1002
I would like to play a minml D&D game :-)

2014-12-18 2133
I'm late to the markdownflavored party

2014-12-17 1009
mod_rewrite is cool

2014-12-17 1005
Listen to podcasts! Makes you smarter

2014-12-16 2140
Textexpander helps me being minml!

2014-12-16 1049
Please read the previous post as "X-mas", as it is more minml then "christmas"

2014-12-15 2024
It's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

2014-09-09 1418
I don't understand why I haven't used SSH more.

2014-09-08 1402
SSH is just real cool, you know. It's fun, man!

2014-09-01 2203
Just found new episodes of Back to Work with Mrln Mnn :happyface:

2014-09-01 0636
Back to work after a minml vacation

2014-08-31 2226
Almost forgot to make a minml post today

2014-08-30 2239
Did not watch the film all the way through today :sadface:

2014-08-30 1928
Began watching The Aviator

2014-08-30 1555
Listening to Mrln Mnn and Jhn Rdrck http://www.merlinmann.com/roderick/

2014-08-29 1509
I feel very minml today

2014-08-29 1500
I, with a minml effort, started a minml blog today